Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What is Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)?

A - Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) is THE BEST way to repair minor dents to your car. It is often referred to as an art, it is performed by hand. Using specialist tools, techniques and skill, we carefully massage the damaged panel back to its original shape.


Q - Why do prices vary from different companies?

A - Not all technicians are the same – Experience, skill and state of the art tooling can vary massively and at Panel Perfect we are the most experienced, skilled and preferred choice when repairing your car.


Q - Why haven't I heard of PDR before?

A - In its most basic form PDR has been around for years but it has been the motor trades best kept secret!  Now it's becoming much more mainstream but be wary of who is repairing your car as done incorrectly it will make the damage worse and in some cases impossible to repair with PDR.


Q - What does it cost?

A - Because each dent is different it is impossible to give a ‘one price fits all’ answer, prices start from £80 but can vary depending upon a large number of factors.

Contact us for your personalised estimate get an estimate.


Q - How long will it take?

A - Minor dents can normally be repaired within an hour where larger or more complex dents can take much longer.  If you have specific time constraints we will try to work around them. We have taken up to 6 hours for some of our most complex dents!


Q - My dent is on a bodyline or behind a brace is it still repairable?

A - In most cases, yes, we have special tools and techniques that enable us to get to almost every area on a car.


Q - What if I have more than one dent?  Is the price the same?

A - Discounts are available for multiple dents.


Q - Are all dents repairable?

A - No, some factors that make a dent not repairable are heavily damaged panels where the metal is stretched or creased or if the paint is badly damaged.  We have repaired some very nasty damage where an improvement is all that the customer wants, perfection isn't possible, but you will be advised of the outcome and then it's your decision.  If you are unsure or would like some advice contact us!


Q - Can you repair aluminium or high strength steel panels?

A - Yes, more manufacturers are adopting these specialist metals in the production of vehicles, they can be more challenging to but can be repaired.


Q - Will my dent come back?

A - No!  Paintless dent repair is permanent.


Q - I'm selling my car, should I fix it?

A - Absolutely!  Selling a car with the presence of dents gives it the appearance that it has not been looked after, by removing them it will increase it's value.  If you had two identical cars next to each other one with and one without dents, which would you choose?


Q - My car is going back to a lease or finance company, should I get it fixed?

A - Yes.  Most companies allow for wear and tear, check your terms and conditions as each one is different.  Anything above their permitted damage will be billed to you and the costs are out of your control!


Q - Do you do alloy wheel/bumper repairs?

A - No.  We only offer PDR but we can assist should you need a trusted repairer.

* If you have a smooth dent with no paint damage on a plastic bumper contact us, we may be able to help!


Q - Will PDR damage my paint?

A - No, when repaired correctly, modern paint finishes respond very well to PDR.


Q - Can't I just ‘pop’ the dent out myself?

A - I would strongly recommend against it!  Without the correct knowledge, tooling and skill further damage may be caused meaning the cost to repair it will increase or even deeming it unrepairable with PDR.  With a trained eye it is very easy to see where someone has ‘had a go’.

The history of PDR

If you want to know a little more about the history of PDR click here wikipedia Paintless Dent Removal